Saturday, April 27, 2013 :0) {picture heavy}

Boy did we have a sunny morning and my sewing room was filled with the rising goodness and warmth.  I was up in that room, not long enough, but for just a bit this morning... puttering around.  I had some fabrics to put away after pulling a bunch last week for the next Jo Morton Club project....

Excuse the shadows.  The pics looked fine on the camera, but not so much on the computer when transferred and guess what, you got it - everything I shot in most of these photos has been put away.  So you see what I shot - and I know you'll get the idea.

But back to the fabric; the delicious, rich fabric.  This line is about two or three years old, Olde Cedar Chest by Faye Burgos.  (Moda, I think).  There is a bit of Jo Morton mixed in this pic.  Of course the wide stripe and the mostly brown background in the middle of the photo is what I love the most.  And of course, since it's a couple years old, do you think I could find any more?  I searched online for a couple hours last weekend.  I want MORE!!!

Can't you just picture borders of the wide stripe - and oh, how pretty that would be as a backing too.  More quilting items in a bit...

I have been stitching some - I finished With Thy Needle & Thread Strawberry Hill - now it's in the finish-finish pile....which is quite large.   Once I buckled down a bit, this went really quick. It was a fun stitch too - on much larger count than I do most of the time, probably part of the reason it went so fast.  I used the called for fabric and fibers.  Box top on bottome left, pin cushion on top left - leaving the huswife on the right.  Kinda became addicted to a new show (more on that at the end of this post) while finishing up this beauty.  Isn't is sweet?
Now remember the fabric search I was talking about a minute ago - do you know what happens when you go looking on line for something and see so many other possibilities?  Well a couple of these below arrived in the mail the other day.  I have another few arriving next week.  The balance of these I bought when I took my mom to her doctor's appointment in Ann Arbor the other day - wouldn't you know, it was just down the street from a quilt shop I don't visit often.  An hour there and I walked out much richer in cotton fabric, less rich in cotton/linen paper bills!

Most are Jo Morton, a few Primitive Gathering, Judie Rothermel...can't wait to figure out what to do with these gorgeous gals.

I did make it to my LNS a couple weeks ago - my husband and I went out for Mexican - and it happens to be in the same parking lot...I also went with my bff the week before.  I didn't do too much kit each visit and a few fibers.  The other chart in the back is for the sampler guild (the one with the house and cool willow tree)  - it's the challenge project that starts in June.  La-D-Da's Stitchers Roll Kit and JBW French Alphabet
The fibers I picked up - they were for this.  I planted my feet recently - or I guess, my hiney was planted - and really put a start on Ann Dale by Shakespeare's Peddler.  I didn't like the charted color for the stems or berries.  The stems are a bit lighter green - not much different.  The berries will be this color with a bit lighter tip.   Once I got to it, this has been going quick.
Here is a snap of my progress thus far.  There are many, many mistakes in the chart from what I have read  and gathered from many sources.  One is the wave of the border - I am doing it as charted.  I have corrections in hand from S.P. and some others from the blogs.  I did center the motif - hence the reason I am starting in the middle of this row.  Normally I would have worked left to right...but off center would bug me and this one is too big to not enjoy once I finish.  It's charted just a few threads off. 
 Sweet, aren't they?  I am not quite done with these birdies...they need eyes and there's some more color around the flowers and in the bottom.
 Now that I have counted and measured this out, I can put in the many rows of base...then complete the row and the border.  Yep, you guessed it, I am not a "do the border first" kinda gal. 

Grateful Hearts by Shepherd's Bush.  Another of those finished with ribbons and beads.  You know, like the three other ones (I think.  Maybe even four) in the finish-finish pile.  Something do work on when I don't mind switching threads a bunch.
I haven't done much on Maryland Inspiration.  In fact, since last you saw, the motif in the cartouche to the right is almost done.  I think maybe a cherry or two on the inside border.  That's it...not much on this one, I fear.  I still have to pick out a different fiber than the 8 - almost invisible.  I forgot to take this with me on the recent trip to my LNS.  Next time!  It's not like I don't have other things occupying my time - that's for sure.
I have read a couple books - nothing earth-shatteringly good.  I am trying to get into Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I started it a bit ago, wasn't in the right frame of mind for a book where I had to really pay attention.  Trying again...if I get to 75/100 pages and still can't wait to pick it up all day/night, I will move on.  Too many books to read something I have to force myself to read. 

I have been stitching and quilting in any free time I can squeak out.  Unfortunately work, laundry and other chores keep getting in the way.  I have a day to spend with my close friends this next Tuesday.  I will stitch that day - or maybe sew the binding on a batik quilt I picked up today - all quilted up nice and pretty by the long-arm quilter.  Then in a couple weeks, I go on an all sew at Memories Manor (where I was for the weekend retreat this past winter).  Not sure what will be under the needle that day.

I did finish the two quilts for Jo Morton Club 12 - I decided to do one red, the other green - no mixing.  I have one ready to try my hand at quilting on my own as I screwed it up already in the squares/piecing.  May as well try to learn on a messed up quilt...The other I dropped off to be quilted today when picking up the batik.  Once they are all bound (sewing binding is not my fav things) I will post pics.

Spent a bunch of time this past month catching up on all three seasons of Downton Abbey only to learn season four wasn't ready to air.  How addicting is that show?!  I also am glad Deadliest Catch is back, although I still miss Captain Phil.  My husband watched starting with season one and I got to "know" all the guys and love to watch...And a gal has to watch something while stitching/sewing...or listen to something at least. 

Well it's off to toss more clothes in the dryer, hang up some wet items and toss more in the washer.  Dang dirty clothes!  Then to check out the Better Homes and Gardens "Quilt Sampler" spring edition.  I love looking at the stores they feature and the quilts - to die for....oh boy, I can hear the niggling voice in my head reminding the swooning voice that we have tons of items to do in the sewing room - don't need more!  LOL

Take care - thanks for reading and hanging with me in long posts, infrequent posts!  I have been keeping up on everyone and comment when I get the chance - I love visiting each of you and hope you enjoy visiting with me, so to speak!

Stitch happy :0) do things that make you smile. 

Sherry :0)