Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, well, well - two posts in March!!

Can you believe it?  Another post in March - and after I claimed to be a "once a month kinda gal".  But I have things to post and would love your thoughts on two quilts! 

First - update on Strawberry Hill Sampler by With Thy Needle & Thread.  I stitched with  my friends on Tuesday - and what a great, relaxing day that was.  Pam hosted, her granddaughter was there giving some love.  She's just starting to walk and so much fun to watch; such a happy girl. Lunch was awesome veggie lasagna and salad with luscious cupcakes for dessert.  Good to catch up on what everyone was stitching/quilting and what they've been doing lately.  I worked on this:

This above the huswife.  My box top is stitched.  I made quite a bit of progress over the last week.

 Remember this (above)?  I received this from Mary at Christmas...

 I bought this pincushion at the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild auction last week to go with it.  Isn't she sweet!  I thought it was a good fit and the auction is a fund raiser for the guild.

I also won the bid on this wreath.  The bird is felted, the fabric from Blackbird Designs.  It's appearance is so soft and the colors are really well put together.  Not sure where it will hang, but I like it and won that bid too.

Okay, now for your thoughts...

This is my Jo Morton "Little Women's Club 12" called Four Corners (I think - it's upstairs and I am not)...I , once again, cut double of the tiny squares shown in my previous posts.  So I had enough to make two.  I thought red and green so I can use them at Christmas...the first picture (above) is laid out without mixing the red and green.

Here is a close-up of the green:
 Close-up of the red:
Then I mixed them up - red and green in each quilt.  Quilt one close-up:
 Another view of the mixed up, quilt two close-up:
 Here's both of the mixed up:
I plan on doing a border on each - red on one, green on the other.  What do you think - all red/green or mixed up a bit?

Besides that, I spent most of this week going to bed kinda early.  Wednesday I started feeling like crap - the cold that is going around struck.  Today I spent the day with a very red, sore nose and a watering eye - yes, only one.  I did quilt some today...the rest of the day spent doing laundry and a being bit lazy. 

Our grocery had rump roasts on sale.  We don't have beef that often, living with a deer hunter, so I picked up a nice size one Friday night.  Threw it in the oven today with some carrots and onions, mashed up some potatoes and cracked open a jar of gravy (I hate making it).  Dinner was delicious.  I don't eat cooked carrots, so I had salad. 

Plan on stitching a bit tonight if I can keep the weepy eye dry and have another pretty lazy day on tap for tomorrow - only making up a pan of chicken enchiladas for Monday's dinner. 

If I don't get back here by next week (after all, that would be three posts in a month - yikes), hope your Easter or Passover is celebrated with those you care for and things that make you happy!!

Sherry :o)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've become a one month type of gal...

Okay, so I guess posting once a month is better than none.  I have a couple progress pics.  I do have some others that I need to post, but I haven't snapped them as of yet.

Here's what I've been up to lately...  remember these:

This is my progress.  I took those, added some 2.5 green pieces (still need to be squared up).  Next step is to add some cheddar squares and then put my rows together.  Maybe today I will make more progress.
 Funny thing - I only needed 30 of the square with four fabrics.  Once again (second time I've done it - last time was a black and white I'll show at a later date) I made double.  So today I may make 15 more of the above, with red larger squares...going for a Christmas theme.

My project bags were sold at the auction for the Sampler Guild fundraiser.  A friend of mine bought them...they made a bit of $$ for the guild.  The auction was fun - I picked up a stitched pear and a wreath of BlackBird fabric.  I will show those next time as I don't have their pictures on the computer or my phone and they are all-the-way-upstairs.  

Why do I say it like that  Yesterday was our big trade show at work - I missed the last two years due to my surgery and my mom's illness.  It's a long day but fun to see customers I normally don't interact with, employees from our branches I work with daily - a couple new ones so it was nice to put faces to the voices.  We put through a couple thousand people, close to 200 vendors.  It's a ton of work for our warehouse personnel last week and next and every hand was on deck yesterday, many for 12+ hour days.  So I am whipped and don't feel like hauling my fanny upstairs to get the items photographed.   Next you something to look forward to seeing, I guess - hopefully quicker than a month from now.

I have been stitching quite a bit, but not much progress to post - one is a Christmas present and I have gone "gang busters" on it - almost finished.  I have a tiny bit done on my sampler posted last time, but not enough to show at this point.  Maybe after this week I will have more progress I can post - I am stitching with my friends Tuesday and can't wait...I need my friend fix! 

I read another book on my Kindle (and played some games, addicting).  The book, Don't Let Me Go, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, was pretty good.  It was sad and happy, a very quick read I enjoyed.  What to read next...hmmm.

Today my mom is making a St. Patty's Day dinner - corned beef, cabbage, etc.   It's always yummy and nice I don't have to do anything other than laundry today.  My son and I will head on over there late this sisters and their families will be there too and we haven't hung out together since the birthday celebrations for niece/mom in January.  It will be great to see them!

Happy St. Patrick's day, all.  Hope you can spend time doing something that makes you happy.

Sherry :o)